Exclusive Certificates in Sustainability Concepts


Map ChartTo have a comprehensive and actionable knowledge of sustainability, individuals must have a strong understanding of the environmental, economic, and social systems affected by their behaviors. GEF Institute certificates are comprised of online education that provides big picture analysis and local application of important concepts to foster awareness and enthusiasm for sustainability. Earning a certificate boosts credibility in the workplace, and provides the foundational knowledge for successful sustainability initiatives or behavior change campaigns.

While working toward any level of certificate, participants will be engaged and inspired in their courses by real world examples, interactive activities, and dynamic video instruction unique to all GEF Institute online education.

Which Certificate Level is Right For Me? 

GEF Institute offers distinct levels of certificates to encourage and motivate participants to take steps toward sustainability literacy and action. In this critical field of study, all levels of expertise must be acknowledged as an achievement, and then built upon. Each subsequent level incorporates requirements from the previous levels, so you're never doubling up or missing fundamental knowledge, no matter where you start. 

Sustainability Apprentice - Ideal for those seeking a well-rounded overview of sustainability, this certificate is comprised of the online course, Introduction to Sustainability: Its Purposes, Challenges and Requirements.

Sustainability Professional - Providing a high level understanding of today's primary sustainability issues and human's ecological footprint, this certificate is comprised of the online course, Core Concepts in Sustainability. Note that completing the course requirement for the Apprentice Certificate is a prerequisite.

Sustainability Specialist - This certificate builds upon knowledge gained in the Professional Certificate with additional coursework focused on either water sustainability or K-12 sustainability education strategies. Professional development and academic credits available.

Sustainability Fellow - Denotes a robust and comprehensive understanding of sustainability concepts by completing the online course Advanced Concepts in Sustainability. Note that completing the course requirements for the Apprentice and Professional Certificates is a prerequisite. Professional development and academic credits available.  

Benefits of Earning a Certificate

GEF Institute certificates verify a comprehensive knowledge of important sustainability topics. Earning a certificate boosts your credibility in the workplace and demonstrates your commitment and proficiency in sustainability concepts. Your certificate will distinguish you from peers when seeking a new position, requesting a raise, or applying to schools. Lastly, some courses required to earn a certificate are also eligible for professional development or academic credit. 

"With a professional certificate, I can guide my staff and they will know that I understand the concepts necessary for successful sustainability initiatives."

"Having a professional certificate in sustainability would help me promote the concept at a professional level amongst my colleagues."