Many educators surveyed have noted they’re lacking in the knowledge and resources needed to teach these important, and soon to be student tested, concepts.


GEF Institute Sustainability Education


Sustainability for Earth, Life & Physical Science

Sunshine Standards-based Supplements linking Sustainability Concepts to  Earth, Life and Physical Sciences for Middle Grades and High School


GEF Institute’s Sustainability for Earth, Life and Physical Sciences supplements are a comprehensive, yet easy-to-use guide to support educators in learning and teaching Sunshine State sustainability-focused standards. The Supplements provide teachers with a multitude of resources including engaging videos, project based activities and relatable case studies, to seamlessly integrate these concepts into existing coursework. 

The Supplements provide a full table of contents linking Florida standards for earth, life and 
physical science topics to related sustainably concepts and resources. 

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Student Resources
  • Readings
  • Narrative Videos
  • Presentations
  • Sustainability Concepts
  • Full Glossary 
  • Pre & Post Unit Assessments
  • Quizzes
  • Project Based Learning Activities
  • Career Spotlight
  • And more!

GEF Institute Sustainability Certificate

The ONLY Certificate in Sustainability Concepts