Framework and Materials

Each unit includes ready to use online materials and resources to integrate sustainability concepts into your classroom in a fun and engaging way. They are anticipated to be 30 hours of curriculum, including homework. Materials are recommended for secondary school classrooms. Classroom materials are accessible online and require an internet connection to access. Smart Boards, projectors, computers or e-tablets are recommended for optimal viewing. No printed documents will be shipped by GEF Institute, however, teachers are able to download and print most materials. 

The following materials are included in each green building unit and can be accessed and printed by the teacher only:

  • digital textbook
  • 9-16 scripted lessons 
  • audit overview
  • pacing guide 
  • teacher manual
  • presentation slides
  • transparencies
  • handouts
  • capstone project (for those purchasing the entire Green Building Course)

Online content is available to both students and teachers. Participants must be logged into GEF Institute's online Learning Management System, using any internet connection, to access these. They are intended to be completed at a self-pace, generally assigned as Homework.

The online content for students includes: 

  • reading sections (each unit is comprised of 9-16 sections; each section is 1-2 pages)
  • discussion forum
  • digital glossary